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Senior Living Communities In Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands Senior Community Guide’s purpose is to assist Seniors living in the Virgin Islands, or those interested in retirement there, with resources to find the best Senior Community for their needs. Links to high-quality senior communities in our database are provided along with links to other independent living resources.

Find the perfect Senior Community for you or your loved on today by contacting one of the great communities listed below to have your questions answered, schedule a tour, or receive a brochure.
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Senior housing planned for site of former Catholic school

Catholic Social Services wants to replace a former parish school in Jessup with a new apartment building for senior citizens.

The group is proposing to tear down the former St. Michael's School and build in its footprint a three-story senior housing facility with 34 one-bedroom apartments. The building would contain apartments on its first two floors, while the third floor, with its views of the mountains, would provide community space. Read more

Virgin Islands Senior Communities and facilities types include: Independent Living Communities, Assisted Living centers, Senior Apartments, Senior Living Communities, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Congregate housing, and Active Adult Communities.

The type of Senior Community or facility that is best for you depends on your desired level of independence. The "Community Types" tab on the top of this page helps with a further description of each type of Senior Community or facility.

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St Croix Communities and Maps

The island is interesting - especially from a real estate perspective. The east end is where most of the high-priced houses are – and has less crime. It's drier, but homes facing east have nice tradewinds and gorgeous views of Buck Island. Views of Buck Island are very "sought after" here - and the better the view - the higher the price.

The most prestigious and expensive neighborhood here is Shoys (Anna's Hope, Buccaneer Bay are other names). It is a gated community right beside the lovely Buccaneer Hotel, with superb views, expensive homes, in a wonderful location.

Another desirable, and more affordable, area is Judith's Fancy. Read more

Best areas in the Virgin Islands for Senior Retirement Community Living: St Thomas, St Johns Island.

There are many Senior communities in Virgin Islands perfect for retirement living. Many people retire to Virgin Islands and buy houses or condos for their retirement.

The Virgin Islands are the western island group of the Leeward Islands, which are the northern part of the Lesser Antilles, which form the border between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The United States Virgin Islands is an unincorporated territory of the United States comprising St. Croix to the south, with St. John, St. Thomas, and smaller islands.

St. Croix consists of two towns on the island; Christiansted and Frederiksted, as well as the following subdistricts Anna's Hope Village, East End, Northcentral, Northwest, Sion Farm, Southcentral and Southwest.

St. John has four subdistricts Central, Coral Bay, Cruz Bay and East End.

St. Thomas consists of the following subdistricts Charlotte Amalie, Northside, Tutu, East End, Southside, West End and Water Island.

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