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“I was feeling lonely when my daughter convinced me to move into a senior community. I was reluctant at first, but now wish I would have done it sooner.” – Paula
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Retirement Jobs for Seniors - Full-Part Time Jobs for Seniors

Senior Jobs image-lady at computerIn a difficult economy, jobs for seniors can really help out. Seniors may find part time jobs are more plentiful than full time jobs. 

A part time job may be easier to find and that may suit you fine if you want to reduce your work hours. Retail, service and agricultural businesses are most likely to offer part-time employment. In retail jobs, many of them are part time. Think Walmart.

Or Freelance, work at home is the way to go today.

In additon to the Walmart greeter and the handyman at Home Depot type part time jobs at large companies, small Locally owned businesses offer many part time jobs for seniors. A great place to start looking is close to home. Check with the manager of the senior community to see about part time jobs right where you live. The activities director, office and bookkeeping, and even the sales office are places to check.

Sign up with temp agencies locally. They will be looking at your experience, skills and talents, not as much as looking at age as permanant jobs do. Part-time jobs can turn into full time jobs for seniors. These temp jobs are good experience and helps build your resume. Who knows, you just want to remain with the temp agency, many people do. Also some temp part time jobs can last months or over a year.

With retirement from your normal job, you may even want to start your own small business. There are lots of opportunities to start your business in area such as almost any services, retail, restaurants, work at home, consulting and of coarse Internet businesses. It may be easier to buy an existing business.

When you consider starting a new business, you have to consider location. More and more entrepreneurs are recognizing the benefits of starting a business in a small town. There are cost saving from office space , tax advantages, cheaper labor, and a strong work ethic. Then many times there is a growing market. You may even become a big fish in a little pond. With the Internet, email, very low phone costs and overnight shipping you can work anywhere. Might as well be a nice place to call home.  

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The Federal Government has the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). SCSEP enhances employment opportunities for older Americans and promotes them as a solution for businesses seeking trained, qualified, and reliable employees. Older workers are a valuable resource for the 21st century workforce, and SCSEP is committed to providing high-quality job training and employment assistance to participants. We have an extensive network of service providers that reaches every state and five U.S. territories. State and local governments also may have information about jobs for seniors.

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