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Over 55 Communities
Retirement Communities

Welcome to 55 Community Guide, where seniors can find the perfect active retirement community in which to begin a new chapter of their lives. If you are ready to begin exploring options for Over 55 communities, specific links are available in the left side menu at the left of this page to take you to our listings. Here is a comprehensive list of our Community listings. In addition here are our individual 55+ Homes for Sale listings and 55+ Rental listings. These are separate databases; be sure to check all three so you don't miss out on the perfect retirement living option for your needs. Scroll down the page to see featured listings.

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Retirement Communities Explained

The term “over 55" refers to any age-restricted or age-qualified community designed for (and marketed toward) individuals 55 and older, who are still active and able to live independently. Most require that one or more members of the household be over the age of 55, and restrict households to members over the age of 18. They provide opportunities for recreational activities, with on-site activities centers, clubhouses, and fitness facilities. No personal assistance is provided for activities of daily living, but groundskeepers generally maintain home exteriors and yards, and security staff regularly patrol the neighborhoods. These are senior living alternatives where residents can remain active and engaged with exercise, continuing education, clubs, and opportunities for social interaction with other active seniors..

Types of Over 55 Communities

There are many choices when looking for what is right for you. Although all types are considered “age restricted,” some have stricter guidelines or special amenities not provided by others. Below is a list of different 55+ types with brief descriptions of restrictions and what they offer:

Active Adult Communities: With the baby boomer generation moving into their retirement years, these are popping up in all regions of the country, not only the “retirement Mecca” of the Sunbelt. These are usually age-qualified for age 55 and over. They are designed with energetic seniors in mind, with a number of on-site recreational and fitness facilities, such as tennis and basketball courts, swimming pools, footpaths, biking trails, and exercise equipment. They may also have scheduled social events such as dances, bowling, themed parties or shopping trips. Usually, homes are individually owned and residents have their own transportation for off-site activities (although shuttles may also be provided).

Senior Communities: have an age restriction of 62 or over, and are also for seniors who can live independently. Often a bit more laid-back and quieter than active adult communities, they still provide many on-site options for socializing and recreation.

Golden Girls: The Golden Girls housing arrangement is sometimes an option, appealing to single, divorced, or widowed boomer women. Shared living arrangements or individual homes within an all-female neighborhood make for a comfortable, family-like lifestyle in the company of other women who share similar experiences and outlooks.

Urban Senior Condominiums: For seniors who want the excitement and mental stimulation of a metropolitan area, with the security and comfort of being surrounded by others in the same phase of life. Usually restricted to residents 55 years of age or older, they often have strict noise restrictions. These usually offer fitness and business facilities within the development, good security systems, and on-site maintenance staff.

RV Senior Communities: These properties are popular in Florida, California, and the Southwest. Residents either rent or buy their own mobile homes or RVs, and usually lease the piece of land on which they reside. Often providing a very close-knit neighborhood feel, these offer less privacy and usually fewer on-site amenities.

Other types include Resort, Golf, Waterfront, age-qualified neighborhoods in small towns, and other 55 friendly subdivisions that are not officially age-restricted but are designed and marketed to appeal to retirees.

There are many alternatives for your housing arrangements, so use the information we have compiled on here to get out, visit some #55communities and find the right home for the next exciting phase in your life.

55+ Homes For Sale or Rent

Although targeted toward seniors who want to purchase a property, there are also home rentals available within many. Rental options include single family homes, condominiums, townhouses, and apartments. We have expanded and upgraded our listings for 55+ home rentals and homes for sale. These are individual home listings offered by realtors, homeowners, or property management companies usually in 55 and older communities, and are separate from our other listings. Happy hunting!
Cresswind at Lake Lanier

I was hesitant to invest in a retirement community, but when I saw how many different types were are out there, I got excited about making the move. 55 Community Guide helped me and my husband find the perfect active adult community for our interests and activity levels, and since moving in, we have never looked back. What a great way to spend the leisure time we have earned for ourselves! Linda, age 61, retired nutritionist
55 homes for sale

If you want to learn more about retirement and senior living, over 55 communities, check out our articles directory for helpful articles compiled for our visitors. Find out about a wide variety of pertinent subjects, such as working with a realtor, finding professional home health care, affordable senior housing options, how a reverse mortgage can work for you, and much more of interest to 55 and older. Read, learn, and enjoy!

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